Baraat Ceremonies with Jilly our Ghodi


                          Jilly is very quiet and safe.  She has been in many Baraat Ceremonies at various venues with drums, flags and umbrellas.  She will take care of you and make this part of your wedding a memorable one.  


Events Schedule

We visit on a monthly basis these following places:

Tucson Medical Center-Pediatric Ward (520) 324-2075 5301 E Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85712-2874

Children’s Clinics 2600 N. Wyatt Drive Tucson, AZ 85712

Atria Campana Del Rio 1550 East River Road Tucson, Arizona

La Canada Care Center (520) 797-1191 7970 N La Canada Dr Tucson, AZ 85704-2007

University Medical Center – Pediatric Ward-outside! (520) 882-0205 1501 N Campbell Ave Tucson, AZ

Desert Life Rehabilitation and Care Center 1919 w. Medical  Tucson, AZ 85704