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 Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls- they give us hope!
Toni Robinson
Presentations:  Excellent way to learn about horses and get to get up close and pet them.
 A star is born…JJ in a commercial:)




November Peppis





He’s like no Shetland pony that I’ve ever known. Mosey walked into the courtyard at Peppi’s House. A door opened and three people came out to greet and meet our four legged therapist. After Mosey enjoyed some time with them he turned to go inside the room and was stopped by a horseman who began telling us of his years of being a Marshal for the Tucson rodeo parade. Mosey politely stood for a bit allowing the man to pet him but then Mosey began to get impatient and started to nudge the man with his head. The man continued to talk and Mosey continued to nudge. The family finally told the man to move and let Mosey come in. The man took a step to the side and our little therapist walked in leaving me outside holding his still attached lead line. Mosey walked up next to a woman who was bent over the bed holding the hand of the patient. Mosey lifted his head up and over the rail and placed his muzzle on the bed next to the patients body and closed his eyes. Everyone was in Aw. The man who had stepped to the side and let Mosey in kept saying, I’ve never seen anything like this. He’s like no Shetland I’ve ever met or owned. Like no other…

Mosey brought Smiles and comforted hearts @TMC pediatrics, Peppi’s House and Diamond Children’s hospital




Her eyes were bright,
Her energy glowed,
From this little 40lb body her love flowed.
TMC’s Childlife Specialist told us that her little patient couldn’t count down the days fast enough.
For she was going to be able to meet, pet and ride a “Real” pony.
Little Miss Happy Go Lucky with her hair beginning to grow back, her IV trailing behind, and a colostomy bag peaking out from under her hospital gown was So full of Life, questions and Smiles for her new furry friends.  Moments shared from one of our visits to TMC pediatrics.

JJ Matthews inside 2022