Pony Rides/Cart Rides

Picture 166August 2015 Scouts
Image courtesy of Scott Kodysz

We Travel To You!

Great for birthday and holiday parties, fairs, carnivals, and any special event! We will travel with one or two ponies to your event and provide rides for your little ones. These two Shetland ponies have been working in the business for many years, and are very experienced, calm, and gentle.  A handler will lead the pony with each child for a short ride in the beginning, so that all the excited party-goers can have a turn. Then the children who want to ride again can return to the line to have as many rides as time allows. The ponies are also available for painting (non-toxic washable paints provided), an activity enjoyed by both children and adults!
Party Pony Rides are from one to three hours: One pony for one hour- $95.00  Two ponies for one hour- $155.00.  Additional time negotiable.  Call for school, church and special event pricing.

Image courtesy of Stephen Paul
Great for birthday parties for all ages! Also great for school carnivals, holiday parties, and many other special events. The cart seats three people comfortably: the driver and two passengers.
This handsome black Arabian (YaYa) is very well-mannered, and the ride is just a lot of fun for everyone!
Birthday party- one hour $125.00  Call for school, church and special event pricing.


“Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for bringing your amazing ponies to our house.  My daughter (& all of our friends and their kids) are still dumbstruck at how INCREDIBLY CUTE and well-behaved your animals are.  You are truly a horse-whisperer with angel wings and your good vibes spread throughout our party and into our lives.  Thank you so much for sharing.  Here are a couple pics of my daughter enjoying herself that I had to share,

All the best, Laura”                   


Traveling the Miles to Bring Smiles

All proceeds benefit our equine-therapy program (see About TLC)

3 thoughts on “Pony Rides/Cart Rides

  1. I love what you have happening!! I love the fact that you are working with horses and people and bringing smiles to every soul who gets to interact with these wonderful critters. Like your beliefs I am a very strong believer that horses, dogs, and so many more animals have powers to heal anyones soul no matter what state they are in. EVERY ONE NEEDS A BEST FRIEND OR SOMEONE TO TALK TO….WHY NOT A ANIMAL!!

  2. Nancie,

    I can’t thank you enough for such a magical party yesterday! The Ferris wheel, wagon wheel ride and even the train were no match for your babies… I asked the kids what their favorite ride was, and I got a unanimous “the pony rides!” They had such a blast and I am most appreciative for everything you did to make my daughter’s party so special. J

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