Pony painting


We Travel To You!

Therapeutic PAINTING
 The pony is available for painting (non-toxic washable paints provided), an activity enjoyed by both children and adults


“Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for bringing your amazing ponies to our house.  My daughter (& all of our friends and their kids) are still dumbstruck at how INCREDIBLY CUTE and well-behaved your animals are.  You are truly a horse-whisperer with angel wings and your good vibes spread throughout our party and into our lives.

All the best, Laura”                   


Traveling the Miles to Bring Smiles


3 thoughts on “Pony painting

  1. I love what you have happening!! I love the fact that you are working with horses and people and bringing smiles to every soul who gets to interact with these wonderful critters. Like your beliefs I am a very strong believer that horses, dogs, and so many more animals have powers to heal anyones soul no matter what state they are in. EVERY ONE NEEDS A BEST FRIEND OR SOMEONE TO TALK TO….WHY NOT A ANIMAL!!

  2. Nancie,

    I can’t thank you enough for such a magical party yesterday! The Ferris wheel, wagon wheel ride and even the train were no match for your babies… I asked the kids what their favorite ride was, and I got a unanimous “the pony rides!” They had such a blast and I am most appreciative for everything you did to make my daughter’s party so special. J

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