Ribbon to Share

Ribbons to share: Dillon and I came for a special visit. A young teen so excited to see Dillon again. She greeted him with a hug and began grooming him. Talking to him the whole time. She asked me if she could help get him ready for his birthday party that he was going to go to next. She got some scissors and a ribbon of hers and asked if I could braid his tail and use her ribbons…”I know the little birthday girl will love it.”
We worked together, talked about horses and laughed at some of the silly antics that Dillon was doing. She asked me if I liked this place she was staying at. She told me that her Mom said it was a nice place. I assured her that it was. She was getting the best of care from people who cared about her and that she had a nice room with a patio. And best of all they allowed horses and ponies to visit. She smiled and said “your right, it is a nice place.” As we were leaving the hospice unit, she hugged Dillon and told me to tell the birthday girl that she hopes she likes her ribbons.
The first thing the little girls at the birthday party saw were the braids and ribbons in Dillon’s mane and tail. Squeals of OMG- Dillon is just the prettiest pony EVER! I will have to call hospice and let our young teen know just how much her ribbons were enjoyed.