A peaceful morning! Our normal Wednesday visit not so normal by Nancie Roahrig

Mosey full filled his mission yesterday morning with a peaceful presence….. We began early at TMC Pediatrics. The little patients came out into the sunshine to meet Mr. Mosey. One little girl rode and another little boy was quite content soaking up the sunshine and petting this black and white furry friend. His parents had said they had been stuck inside for the past four days since he had been admitted. It felt good to be outside and to see their son smiling again. Our next stop was TMCs Hospice. The RNs and Administration staff invite Mosey to come right on inside. Mosey loves going inside……between the AC and the attention, he’s a happy pony. This morning we went into ten different rooms with ten different patients all with ten different stories. Our quiet and loving little guy would place his muzzle on their beds or pillows and fall asleep while being caressed and hearing how they too had horses or just loved animals.  We walked into one room where a woman was having difficulties with comfort. Her family members were trying to calm her and with a tired and frustrated look they asked if we could help. Mosey and I went beside her bed. Mosey placed his head next to her body and I picked up her hand and began gently stroking Mosey’s face. With calming, quiet words and the softness of Mosey this woman began to find some peace. Her body began to relax, her eyes closed and she drifted into sleep. Her family, exhausted looked relieved. They now felt that their loved one was quiet and comfortable and this gave them permission for them to go home. Mosey and I met a very special young woman who had lost all mobility of her body. Although trapped in her body and diagnosed with a terminal illness she had such a kind personality and witty sense of humor. She was so pleased to see and meet Mosey. She had done gymkhana when her body was healthy. She loved horses. She asked if I could pick her hand up and place it on Mosey. Mosey placed his nose on her pillow next to her arm. I picked up her hand and her fingers wiggled threw his mane and fur. She then asked if I could bring her hand up to her nose so that she could smell Mosey. Once a horse lover always a horse lover–that smell–awe!!! She asked if I could parade Mosey around the room so that she could see him move and his coloring. After our session, as we were leaving I noticed a smudge from Moseys’ nose on her pillow. I apologized and she laughed and said—“Horse boogies! Now, that will be a conversation for everyone who comes to visit me, thanks Mosey!”

Our last room we were intercepted by the family. With tears in their eyes they said If only you would of been here ten minutes ago. She loved animals and horses but she has passed. I looked at them and said, her spirit is still here may we go in anyway, just for a moment? With a sense of gratitude they said “Of coarse” The older brother warned me that his younger brother was in the room and that he was very angry. Mosey and I walked in. Mosey placed his muzzle on her body and closed his eyes. The brother began to tell us about his sister, laughing and crying, he shared memories. The other brother and family members came in and we all stood there. The tension between the brothers seem to be placed aside as they watched Mosey and talked. Bringing a sense of peace into the room on all levels. Mosey and I couldn’t forget our visit to The Children’s Clinic and we are glad we didn’t. We had several children ride but we found out that our mission that day was to help bring warm fuzzies to the employees. A stressful morning with new changes. And you know how we all love change! So they came out one by one. Faces and bodies, their smiles on the edge……….They pet, talked and loved this little pony, who’s unconditional love and presence was all they needed. A shot of Mosey helped the pressures of change a little more bearable.

Thanks to all of you for your support and in helping us continue to travel the miles for smiles…

Many Blessings, Nancie Roahrig